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The Surprise App - The firs​t app of its kind​ of any plat​form​, ever​! T​he surp​rise​ app is just​ that​, a surp​rise​. You won'​t know​ what​ the app does​ unti​l you run it for the firs​t time​.

Wallpaper ChangerWallpaper Changer Tired of the same old wallpaper on your Blackberry? Wallpaper Changer will automatically change your wallpaper at pre-set times, or set your own custom schedule! Now with weather app support.

ExtraKeysSuper Popup Super Popup is quite simply the most elegant and beautiful looking popup application available for your smartphone!

BreakIngNewsBreakingNews Brings up-to-the-minute news headlines to your BlackBerry home screen, clock, and bedside mode.  Gathered from up to five RSS feeds, the latest items scroll across the screen in a fully customizable news ticker.

SixToolsSixTools  Expand and control the capabilities of your OS6 BlackBerry Smartphone. Orientation lock, extra convenience keys, battery status and more are all included with SixTools.

Leave It OnLeave It On Change the way you use your BlackBerry. Take control over your backlight, now with animated message alert pop-ups!

ExtraKeysExtraKeys When one (or even two) convenience keys aren’t enough, ExtraKeys adds three more. Launch three user-selectable apps with a touch of the volume or mute keys.

Find My PhoneFind My Phone Constantly misplacing your phone? Under the couch pillow, in the car, in the basement? Find My Phone’s loud ringing and flashing will lead you to your lost BlackBerry.

SearchItSearchIt for OS6 Add additional websites to search to Universal Search for OS6.

SearchItSearchIt Quick pop up search with access to many websites, and an intuitive and customizable interface.